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To do testing correctly, we strive to recreate practical scenarios that reflect real market conditions. We’ve never been satisfied with simple hard-coded mock data. Instead, we’ve gone a couple of steps further and developed several custom tools, allowing our testing processes to excel at fintech development.

Matching Engine

It’s nice to have a system that perfectly simulates trading logic with hundreds of orders matched simultaneously using FIFO algorithms with an implemented price-time priority. It’s even better when a simple testing tool also supports direct and implied matching types used in everyday trading with extensive execution reports and the support of various order types (limit, market, stop-limit, stop, etc.) with adjustable time in force properties, trade session settings, self-matching prevention strategies, and so on.

Our engineers have built a solution maintained by more than 2,500 automated tests that are kept up to ensure the best performance. With our matching engine, you can create your own market to test it to perfection.

Matching Engine
Market Simulation

Market Simulation

Testing will never be successful as long as the market is created by manually published quotes. Thankfully, at Devexperts we’ve dedicated an entire branch of brilliant engineers to create a tool that can be used for market simulation both as inner and outer integration where quotes are streamlined by real liquidity providers.

dxFeed is a product that can be integrated into your development to create an actual market filled with relevant, up-to-date data generated for a broad list of supported instruments.

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