Market Data Infrastructure

Market Data Infrastructure

Manage, store and stream real-time and historical market data

We build turn key market data infrastructure solutions for brokers and exchanges

  • Expandable services
  • Robust performance
  • Easy configuration
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Interoperability
  • Low latency technology

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Market Data Infrastructure Solutions

Devexperts provides managed infrastructure solutions to stream, store and control market data from exchanges, market data centers and participants worldwide as well as custom client-generated data.

Fast & secure data streaming

Our solutions support secure streaming and snapshot delivery of real-time, delayed, historical, chart, calculated and reference market data in B2B (downstream subscriber or sub-vendor data feed delivery), B2C (client facing infrastructures) and B2B2C (full cycle) modes to a virtually unlimited number of clients.

Flexible deployment

We support cloud deployment in public (Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud), private or hybrid clouds as well as low-latency infrastructures in proximity colocations in the data centers where the exchanges and market participants systems are deployed.

Turn-key service

We are ready to provide the full-featured ticker plant with services and functions configured and pre-installed according to the client’s needs and provide 24×7 customer support. In addition, we can provide full lifecycle assistance with research and design, general consulting and project management.

Market data content types

Market data content types:

  • Real-time
  • Delayed
  • Historical
  • Calculated
  • Reference
  • Custom
  • Data aggregation
Wide range of APIs

Wide range of APIs:

  • C/C#
  • JavaScript
  • Python and R
  • Java
  • REST
  • FIX
Multiple asset classes

Multiple asset classes:

  • Equities
  • ETFs
  • Futures
  • Equity options
  • Indices
  • FX
  • Crypto

Ticker plant architecture

Market data infrastructure
provides the following services out of the box:

Alert Service icon

Alert Service

Follows events and informs when indicated conditions are fulfilled.
Charting Service icon

Charting Service

A service that produces, stores and outputs data for charts from a specified period of time.
Fundamentals icon


A service that provides reference data about companies.
News icon


A service that processes obtained news and maps it in data symbology.
Theoretical Options Prices icon

Theoretical Options Prices

A service for calculating theoretical options’ prices.
IPF Service icon

Instrument Profile Format Service

A service that produces metadata for requested instruments.

Data Terminal

An effective and elegant solution for trading analytics and research with multiple types of market data.
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dxFeed Radar

Scans market according to multiple search conditions.
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Our clients

In our portfolio there are projects for different financial markets and geographical areas, different regulations and different asset classes.
Some of our implementations are owned by reputable brokers in both institutional and retail segments.