Equities and Options Trading Platform for an American Brokerage
Case study

Equities and Options Trading Platform for an American Brokerage

About the Client

A longstanding giant in the American brokerage landscape, our client has been a stalwart presence in the US market for decades, providing unparalleled retail trading services to a vast clientele. To maintain their strong foothold in the industry, the company recognized the imperative for continuous development and innovation to meet the evolving needs of modern traders.

Business Challenge

Despite its established position, the brokerage needed to modernize its trading platform to stay ahead in the competitive market landscape.

A key focus was the integration of options trading capabilities, a feature crucial for catering to the diverse needs of its client base. Understanding the importance of this enhancement, the brokerage turned to Devexperts, knowing that our platform supports comprehensive options trading functionalities.

The firm required a scalable solution that could be swiftly deployed to adapt to market dynamics while ensuring uninterrupted service and user experience.


Devexperts provided a tailored solution in the form of DXtrade XT, a battle-tested trading platform meticulously designed to meet the brokerage’s operational needs and strategic goals, including robust options trading capabilities. With its rapid deployment capabilities and comprehensive features such as fractional order management, web-based trading portal, and native mobile applications, DXtrade XT offered the versatility and adaptability necessary to thrive in fast-paced markets.


The implementation of DXtrade XT was executed seamlessly, enabling the brokerage to modernize its trading platform promptly and effectively within a matter of weeks. The fast launch not only saved the brokerage significant effort but also ensured cost savings. The platform’s rich features and user-friendly interface contributed to the consistent growth in user engagement and trading volume.

Our platform provides a wide array of customization options tailored specifically for brokers looking to expand their audience in options trading. Utilizing our software-as-a-service model, brokers can seamlessly deploy the platform, unlocking a reliable, adaptable, and cost-effective solution for delivering advanced trading services.

— Vitaly Kudinov, SVP of Sales and Business Development

The platform you delivered not only meets but exceeds our highest requirements for the American market. Its versatility, ease of use, and seamless integration capabilities have already had a significant impact on our operations. We are particularly pleased with the extensive options trading capabilities provided by DXtrade XT, which enabled us to swiftly address a crucial aspect of our business strategy. More importantly, by implementing DXtrade XT, we were able to save years in developing a custom solution for options trading. This, coupled with the reliable support from Devexperts, ensures the smooth functioning of our platform, enabling us to attract and retain customers effectively.

 — Product Manager, the Client

The strategic partnership with Devexperts empowered the brokerage to surpass its market modernization objectives, laying a solid foundation for sustained growth and leadership in the industry.

Through precision, directness, and a focus on tangible outcomes, this case study demonstrates a compelling example of Devexperts’ expertise in delivering tailored solutions to meet the evolving needs of capital market executives.