Web Trading App for a Crypto Brokerage Operating in the US and Canada
Case study

Web Trading App for a Crypto Brokerage Operating in the US and Canada

About the Client

The client is a broker-dealer that provides a platform for trading digital assets and operates in the US and Canada. The broker’s primary focus is catering to the needs of crypto investors in the North American market.

As a company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, the client is committed to regulatory compliance and adheres to industry standards.

Business Challenge

The client had developed a crypto platform with a significant user presence on their iOS and Android mobile apps. The platform was intended for margin trading and was almost finished. It even had a proprietary price discovery algorithm that sourced quotes from multiple crypto exchanges to make their pricing for each instrument. At the time, the client’s challenge was the lack of a user-friendly web trading interface.

The client sought to integrate a web terminal into their existing trading platform. The web app needed to: 

  • Enhance platform accessibility
  • Improve user experience across mobile and web platforms.

The client considered Devexperts because of its experience in the cryptocurrency sector. After reviewing Devexperts’ portfolio of projects, the client deemed it aligned with the technical requirements required to enhance their trading platform.


Devexperts proposed a hybrid solution in which some products would be used as a foundation, white-labeled, and further customized to fit the client’s requirements and the existing infrastructure and platform. 

More specifically, the proposal consisted of:

  1. Implementing the ready-to-go web terminal of the DXtrade Crypto trading platform.

It would substantially reduce the time to launch compared to creating a terminal from scratch. With DXtrade Crypto, the client would immediately receive a user-friendly and time-tested web UI designed explicitly for crypto trading.

  1. Work for hire.

Although DXtrade UI was ready to use, the client had unique needs that required UI customization to align the look and feel with the brokerage’s brand identity and user expectations.

The DXtrade Crypto web app needed to be integrated with the client’s backend. 

As such projects often result in scope creep, there was a buffer for adding new features and fixing any operational inefficiencies or changes in the compliance requirements.

  1. Ongoing support.

Devexperts also offered ongoing support and maintenance to address any issues and updates that may arise post-launch.

Web Trading App for a Crypto Brokerage Operating in the US and Canada


The client required a secure, stable, and customized web interface that integrated smoothly with their existing backend algorithms, emphasizing timely delivery.

To achieve this, Devexperts and the client’s teams worked to adapt the DXtrade Crypto trading UI, focusing on compatibility with the client’s brand identity and user needs. This process involved iterative design revisions based on mutual feedback, aiming to accurately match the client’s specifications.

Integrating the customized user interface with the client’s backend was critical to the project. This was accomplished through concerted software integration efforts, facilitated by the expertise of both Devexperts and the client’s technical teams, ensuring a cohesive system operation. External audits were a prerequisite for the platform going live—the system successfully met technical, performance, and compliance requirements.

The project was completed within the deadline, with Devexperts adhering to the schedule. The collaboration was marked by a structured project management approach and an efficient development process, which allowed for the timely deployment of the web interface without sacrificing quality.

Dmitry Zaitsev, Head of Account Management Devexperts

I’m incredibly proud of the collaborative effort our team at Devexperts has put forth to deliver a tailored solution for our client. From customization to integration and timely deployment, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to excellence every step of the way. This project exemplifies our dedication to meeting and exceeding client expectations, and I’m confident it will set a new standard for success in our partnership moving forward.

— Dmitry Zaitsev, Head of Account Management Devexperts

We’ve been pleased with how our collaboration with Devexperts turned out. Their detailed approach to software integration and adaptability to our specific needs significantly impacted our project’s success. Seeing our brand and user preferences accurately reflected in the UI enhanced our platform’s functionality. Looking forward to furthering our partnership with Devexperts and building on this success.

 — VP, Product Management, the Client