Devexperts Launches Its Turnkey Options Trading Platform to Brokers Worldwide

Turnkey Options Trading Platform to Brokers Worldwide

June 07, 2023 – New York, Devexperts, a software solutions provider to financial firms, has released a turnkey options trading platform for brokers offering equities and options. Several of the top US brokers have been working with Devexperts as their primary software provider for decades, and now all brokers worldwide can take advantage of its top-tier technology.

Options brokers launch the platform in 30 days

Upon licensing Devexperts’ options trading platform, brokers receive a full-fledged risk management system. Along with a sleek-looking web trader and mobile apps catering equally to professional and newbie investors, Devexperts implemented real-time monitoring of accounts’ buying power and trading risks. Thus, a broker can take action if a client’s exposure is outside of a broker’s risk appetite.

The option expiry risk monitor provides brokers with preliminary calculations related to the possible financial impact on an account due to the exercise of options.

The platform’s modern options-specific trading UI looks to become the top choice for brokers who would like to offer their clients a fine-tuned trading experience.

Benefits for investors in Devexperts’ options platform 

The platform provides immense opportunities for technical analysis. These include basic widgets such as the Company fundamentals and Market depth to more advanced ones such as the Earning Аnalyzer, which demonstrates the relationship between a company’s earnings announcements and the pricing of securities and derivatives.

To help investors identify current market trends, the platform provides a heatmap and a Time and Sales widget that shows real-time updates on the deals made on a specific exchange or several platforms.

The platform features numerous options strategies, such as at-the-money straddle, and useful tools like the Options screener to filter a universe of options based on investors’ criteria to narrow down the list of instruments they’re interested in.

To support novice clients and help experienced investors advance, Devexperts included an education center in the platform featuring FAQs and educational materials.

Investors can estimate potential P/L and manage risk exposure through their risk profile, which is a what-if analysis tool that provides a time-based risk assessment.